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Using my own ZigBee API, i created a ZigBee Network Monitoring tool. With the API i can remotely query and/or change XBee settings without the need to attach these XBee modules to a local COM port (and use X-CTU ) to read configuration settings.
The Network Monitoring tool keeps track of all the XBee modules and periodically queries them for settings i'd like to monitor.

The table below shows the Digi XBee modules that are currently in my ZigBee Network and a part of the settings that arre being monitored. This way i can keep track of what is actually going on inside my ZigBee Network; whether all XBee's are still functioning, what the signal strength is doing, and the number of children that have joined a router.


Overview of some static and dynamic information of all the XBee radios that are part of my WSN (Wireless Sensor Network):

AddressNode IDDevice typeParent AddressHardware VersionFirmware VersionChildrenRSSI (dBm)
0000 XBETH Coordinator 0000 1A44 2164 3 -13
1BB0 TVLED Router FFFE 1944 2264 0 -58
5FBF XBR2 Router FFFE 1A44 2364 2 -64
F1C1 XBR3 Router FFFE 1A44 2364 0 -64
A8D8 ED6 End Device 0000 1944 2864 0 -48
5357 MLF End Device 0000 2864 0 -58
7857 WZIGW End Device 5FBF 2864 0 -64
74E3 WZIGW End Device 0000 0 -32
7966 XBR1 End Device 5FBF 1944 2864 0 -53
9948 XBR4 End Device 5FBF 1944 2864 0 -52
A14D XBR5 End Device 5FBF 1944 2864 0 -27
31D7 XBR6 End Device F1C1 1944 2864 0 -57