General Information
Temp. Outside9,2 °C
Temp. Inside22,7 °C

Usages for today
Gas0,59 m3
Power7,6 kWh
Water225 L

HA Statistics
Devices 292
Device values 1723

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Radiator Thermostat Information

I'm currently working on equipping all the central heating radiators with ELV MAX! radiator thermostats. Below you can see some of the information about the status of the thermostats.
Radiator Thermostats
RF AddressRoomSetpointControl ModeBatteryErrorLink Status OKValve (%)Meas. Temp
0Bathroom 20.5ManualOkNoYes 100 19.1
0Living 20.0ManualOkNoYes 77 20.3
0Living 20.0ManualOkYesYes 0 23.7
0Office 19.5ManualOkYesYes 0 22.5
0Office 19.5ManualOkYesYes 0 23.7
0Room Esther 21.0ManualOkNoYes 100 18.7
0Room Parents 19.0AutoOkYesYes 100 16.4
0Room Remco 17.0ManualOkNoYes 0 17.7