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I've been interested in computers from the day i was born, i guess.

Philips MSX VG8235
It all started with my first computer, a Philips VG 8230. This was a MSX2 computer with 64kB RAM, 128kB VRAM, and a 360kB 3,5" floppy disk drive. Everyone i knew those days, was busy copying games from eachother, but that never interested me.

I was more interested in why you had to switch source- and destination disk so often to copy a 360 kB floppy disk. I mean, this thing had 128 kB VRAM onboard, why wasn't it used in the copy-process i thought? So i got me an assembler written in MSX-Basic, learned Z-80 assembly, and wrote my first program...and brought changing disks back to 3 times instead of 6 or 7! (don't know exactly anymore).

That's better... from that time on i was hooked to writing software.
Later on i got a Pascal compiler on a cartridge for the MSX, followed by Borland Turbo Pascal 3.

Tulip PC Compact 2
Next came a NEC V-20 based Tulip PC Compact 2 with (i think it was) MS-DOS 3.3 and Windows 1.03.
Programming was done with MASM, TASM, Turbo Pascal, QuickBasic.

The hours that 've spent on that machine...unbelievable !

With a 1200 bps modem i visited lots of BBS's focussing on programming very frequently and downloaded anything i thought was worth downloading in order to improve my knowledge not only about programming but also about PC hardware.

After that i owned an Intel 75 Mhz (Zappa), Intel PII 333 MHZ, AMD ATHLON 1200 MHz (Thunderbird), and currently i'm sitting behind a Intel 3,2 GHz P4 (Prescott). Harddisks were always loaded with programming languages like Assembler, Basic and Pascal. I never was attracted to C/C++. I don't really know why, but it just wasn't my thing. I did do some things with Borland Turbo C++, but it just wasn't my thing... and regarding games: well, windows had a couple onboard like Minesweeper, Pinball...that was enough for me.

Another big hobby in my early (15-25) years was building RC boats. I've built 4 of them during the years. Keep in mind that building these boats is not sometinhg that can be done overnight; for example, the Billing Boats "Smit Rotterdam", the second boat i built, took me 2.5 years...

Robbe Dusseldorf                Smit Rotterdam

Besides programming and building RC boats there's one other hobby that's PC-related: digital imaging.Well, actually digitizing images and video. I have a Panasonic DV camera and a Nikon DSLR.
And i have a Minolta Scan Dual with which i can scan photo negatives and slides.

Panasonic NV-GS3 Nikon D50
Datavideo DAC-100 Minolta Dimage Scan Dual

For digitizing video i have a Datavideo DAC-100 which can convert analog video (VHS, Video-8 etc) to DV. Currently my "library" contains nearly 12000 images being scanned negatives, slides and images from my digital photo camera. The oldest images are from 1970, when i was 3 years old...