General Information
Temp. Outside9,2 °C
Temp. Inside22,7 °C

Usages for today
Gas0,00 m3
Power0,2 kWh
Water0 L

HA Statistics
Devices 292
Device values 1723

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Status of Network Devices

With an increasing number of network devices, I started monitoring them all in June 2011. This is done by pinging all the devices in my network periodically. For some devices I want to receive an alert message when the status changes, for some I don't; you can see in the Alert column which devices are 'mission critical' and which are not. This way I can keep an eye on what's going on on my network.
Network Status
Device descriptionValueAlertSince
Living, Mobile Esther Off False 16-2-2014 11:46:14
Living, Transformer tablet Off False 16-2-2014 11:38:13
Living, Wifi LED module On True 16-2-2014 10:58:15
Passage, Tablet 1st floor On False 16-2-2014 10:48:16
Living, Mobile Remco Off False 16-2-2014 10:46:16
Living, Pronto TSU-9600 Off False 16-2-2014 10:41:13
Office, Printer On False 16-2-2014 10:11:10
Living, Mobile Yvonne Off False 16-2-2014 9:32:15
Living, TV On False 16-2-2014 8:29:11
Room Remco, TV Off False 16-2-2014 7:48:13
Living, AV Receiver On False 16-2-2014 7:44:12
Living, Media Player Off False 16-2-2014 1:13:15
Office, RGB LED interface On False 15-2-2014 18:00:22
Living, Touchscreen On False 15-2-2014 7:46:20
Living, Playstation3 Off False 13-2-2014 20:14:37
Office, Firewall On True 13-2-2014 16:06:35
Office, Laptop Acer9500 On False 7-2-2014 21:21:35
Living, Laptop Off False 29-1-2014 17:25:42
Living, Tablet Remco Off False 11-1-2014 19:46:55
Meter cabinet, NAS On True 9-11-2013 19:02:43
Unknown, EZL-200-2 On True 6-10-2013 13:55:55
Office, Belkin Network USB hub On True 6-10-2013 13:54:50
Living, IRTrans On True 27-9-2013 20:18:49
Outside, Mobotix camera On True 8-9-2013 21:03:22
Office, Foscam Camera On True 8-9-2013 21:03:20
Meter cabinet, EZL-400-1 On False 8-9-2013 21:03:19
Unknown, RFXCOM RX 1 On True 8-9-2013 21:03:19
Unknown, EZL-200-1 On True 8-9-2013 21:03:19
Unknown, RFXCOM RX 2 On True 8-9-2013 21:03:19
Scullery, HA7Net On True 8-9-2013 21:03:18
Living, EZL-200 Onkyo On False 8-9-2013 21:03:17
Living, PC kids Off False 27-6-2013 20:51:33
Living, Mobile Robert Off False 18-6-2013 10:36:07
Office, Vista PC (virtual) On False 4-2-2013 13:15:14
Office, Proxy server On True 29-1-2013 20:53:24
Office, Spam server On True 11-12-2012 19:18:40
Office, Mail server On True 30-11-2011 8:50:01
Room Remco, PS2 Off False 29-7-2011 18:00:43
Office, Hyper-V server On True 21-7-2011 14:34:52