General Information
Temp. Outside9,2 °C
Temp. Inside22,7 °C

Usages for today
Gas0,59 m3
Power7,6 kWh
Water225 L

HA Statistics
Devices 292
Device values 1723

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Controller information

Controller type Radaris Evolution
Battery status Ok
Deadbolt position out  (since  11-2-2017 21:14:25
Conditional Access not active
Last opened with (Badge/Input) Badge23-8-2011 13:20:18
Last badge used Badge 0  at  Outside reader23-2-2014 15:28:12

Nemef Radaris Evolution

Nemef Radaris Evolution with RF Module

Our frontdoor is equipped with a Nemef Radaris Evolution doorlock. This doorlock controls who does and does not get permission to open the front door.

The doorlock has a RFID reader on both the in- and outside and by waving an RFID tag in front of one of these RFID readers, the door controller will either grant or deny access. There are 3 types of RFID tags: keyfobs, cards and remotes.

And there's one other way to control the Nemef Radaris Evolution and that's by the Nemef RF module with RS485 connection. I use this RF module to control, monitor and program the Nemef Radaris Evolution and I can grant access from my Domotica system.

Read more about how it's done on my Weblog