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Temp. Outside9,2 °C
Temp. Inside22,7 °C

Usages for today
Gas0,00 m3
Power0,2 kWh
Water0 L

HA Statistics
Devices 292
Device values 1723

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Monitoring power consumption

Since January 23, 2008 i am monitoring the power usage of our house. With an annual consumption of 9100 kWh i felt the need to do something about that.
Domotica gives me the means to monitor very closely what is happening in our house, monitoring power usage is one of those things, and i'm pretty confident that with these tools and common sense i will be able to reduce the electricity usage.

As you can see in the above graph (made the old-fashioned way, in Excel), electricity usage has only been rising since we came to live here.
My goal is to break this trend and go back to 6500 kWh in the year 2009.

Have a look at some additional power usage charts that show power usage in our house in detail.
And here you can see how i monitor my power usage.