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Monitoring Free Disk Space

Since June 2008 i am monitoring some performance counters of my Hyper-V server. When i started using Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, i almost immediately felt the need to have some sort of monitoring for the server and for each virtual machine that runs on it. Using some Powershell  code, WMI  queries i managed to create a script that periodically stores performance information into my SQL Server.

Depending on the type of information these performance values are stored at different intervals and kept in the SQL database for a specific time-period. For example, CPU usage is only kept for 5 days, after that it will be deleted. Information about percentage disk free space however, is kept much longer but it also has a different interval: 1 day. In february 2009 i created this page to monitor the free disk space of the drives in my server.