General Information
Temp. Outside9,2 °C
Temp. Inside22,7 °C

Usages for today
Gas0,59 m3
Power7,6 kWh
Water225 L

HA Statistics
Devices 292
Device values 1723

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DescriptionBytes InBytes Out 
ACT TI213 (X10/A10 powerline)00
Alphatronics Interface00
AM004-03127 LED Bar00
Android Notifier306710
DDMC Interface  
ELV MAX! Cube00
Fritz!Box FON 7170 Call Monitor1880
Fritz!Box FON Web Interface00
HA7Net 1-Wire00
HDI Dune IP Controller00
HTTP Interface (Pronto)  
Insteon Hub00
IRTrans Interface3940584
Mobotix Notifications00
MS35 LED controller336
Nemef Radaris Evolution00
Network Monitor00
Onkyo IP Controller480260
PLCBUS Interface (PLC1141)56960
Plugwise webserver00
Proliphix PDP (NT20e Thermostat)00
Remeha Calenta1994680474970
Remeha Gateway00
RFXCOM 433 MHz Transmitter1033
RFXCOM Receiver for X10/KAKU/ELRO00
RFXCOM Receiver for X10/Visonic/Oregon00
Siemens M20T00
Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter00
Sony Visca Interface00
Visonic PowerMax Plus00
Web Information Collector00
Wifi MS35 LED Controller09
Zigbee Interface40104778242
The table on the left shows all the Interfaces that are currently used in my Home Automation System. They represent all physical devices in my house with which my Domotica software communicates directly. With the Buttons to the right i can enable or disable each Interface. Disabling an Interface means all communication with the hardware is shut down, so there will be no more incoming or outgoing traffic on that specific Interface.

With a constantly expanding amount of sensors, actors, devices and functionality it is sometimes necessary to temporarily disable a specific Interface. For example when i disconnect my RFXCOM LAN Interface from my network to replace a network switch, i can temprorarily disable the RFXCOM Interface to avoid any problems; and when i re-enable the Interface again, i am sure the RFXCOM Interface will be initialized to the setting i want.

This way i can avoid the need for restarting my entire Domotica application when i change something that would otherwise need a restart.