General Information
Temp. Outside16,2 °C
Temp. Inside22,7 °C

Usages for today
Gas0,74 m3
Power2,7 kWh
Water0 L

HA Statistics
Devices 292
Device values 1723

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Gas usage

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The smart meter that was installed in our house in September 2012, sends the gas consumption to my system. The most precise and convenient way of monitoring gas usage!

Remeha boiler

My Remeha boiler (Calenta model) is being monitored by using the Remeha Recom 'protocol' and a cable connected to the boiler. Whenever there are problems with the Calenta, I'll be the first to know cause problems will trigger an SMS to be sent to my cell phone. More information can be found here
Remeha Calenta

Status Standby (0)
Sub Status Standby
Blocking No blocking
Locking No locking
Flow temp 54.00 °C
Return temp 53.80 °C
Water pressure 1.8 bar
Power 0 %

Temperature and Humiditiy


Sensors located in the house are used to gather information about Temperature and Humidity and create charts.
Temp/Hum Sensor
BathroomHumidity 71RH
BathroomTemperature 19.5ºC
EntranceHumidity 48RH
EntranceTemperature 20.7ºC
GarageHumidity 44RH
GarageTemperature 17.2ºC
GreenhouseHumidity 93RH
GreenhouseTemperature 11.1ºC
LivingTemperature 22.0ºC
N/A, DownstairsTemperature 24.6ºC
N/A, UpstairsTemperature 19.2ºC
OfficeCold Temperature-1 21.25ºC
OfficeDifference-1 0.12ºC
OfficeHot Temperature-1 21.37ºC
OfficeHumidity 37RH
OfficeTemperature 24.2ºC
OutsideAvg Temperature Yesterday 10.7ºC
OutsideHumidity 49RH
OutsideTemperature 16.2ºC
Room EstherHumidity 64RH
Room EstherTemperature 19.5ºC
Room ParentsHumidity 54RH
Room ParentsTemperature 20.4ºC
Room RemcoHumidity 68RH
Room RemcoTemperature 20.6ºC
SculleryTemperature 33.30ºC
SculleryTemperature 23.00ºC
SculleryTemperature 22.90ºC
SculleryTemperature 22.90ºC
SculleryTemperature 23.10ºC
SculleryTemperature 22.80ºC
SculleryTemperature 22.80ºC
Scullery, Central HeatingTemperature 33.70ºC
Scullery, Central HeatingTemperature 26.40ºC
Under the stairsHumidity 39RH
Under the stairsTemperature 22.5ºC


Light/dark sensors are used to collect information about Ligtht and darkness in several places in the house.
Domotica system, Light intensity yesterday 83 15-2-2014 23:59:00
Outsidelight 2-7-2013 5:50:29
Living 0 30-5-2016 1:06:00
Outside, Front, MBTX Light sensor -44 Today 4:28:19


Below you can see the last 200 Events in our house.
Today 3:55:51 Room Remco, no motion
Today 3:41:37 Room Remco, motion
Today 2:43:55 Living, AV corner Motion sensor no motion
Today 2:43:24 Living, AV corner motion
Today 2:41:57 Living, Couch Motion sensor no motion
Today 2:41:27 Living, Couch motion
Today 2:39:10 Entrance, Motion sensor no motion
Today 2:37:10 Entrance, motion
Today 2:30:51 Room Remco, no motion
Today 2:16:37 Room Remco, motion
Today 1:57:17 Bathroom, motion
Today 1:49:11 Bathroom, no motion
Today 1:39:24 Room Remco, no motion
Today 1:36:27 Office, Wall Plug Energy 20.08 kWh
Today 1:25:10 Room Remco, motion
Today 0:47:06 Room Remco, no motion
Today 0:32:52 Room Remco, motion
Today 0:23:50 Room Remco, no motion
Today 0:09:36 Room Remco, motion
Yesterday 23:43:39 Bathroom, motion

GPS tracking

The location of my cell phone is being monitored by tracking the GPS location. Below you can see the last known position of my cell phone drawn on Google Maps.


Weather forecast

Contact, questions?

For questions or comments or any other reason related to this website or Home Automation, send an email to the address below:
Another option is to leave a message in my Guestbook and I'll contact you.

Power usage

How  Charts

The smart meter that was installed in our house in September 2012, sends the power usage to my system. Every 10 seconds the total power usage (among other things) is being updated.

Lux Sensor (ZigBee)

A DIY wireless lux sensor is used to measure light intensity (lux). This sensor is made of a JeeNode and a XBee module and is one of the first parts of my ZigBee based WSN that i am building.

Web enabled LED Bar

Leave a message on my LED Bar and watch it being displayed by my Axis 207 IP Camera

Web enabled LED Bar


Motion Detection

Motion sensors provide information about where nd when there is motion detected in several places.
Officeunknown 12-2-2017 14:19:23
Stairsno motion 12-2-2017 14:26:34
Livingunknown 12-2-2017 14:19:23
Garageno motion 12-2-2017 14:26:32
Passageno motion 12-2-2017 14:26:36
Bathroomno motion 12-2-2017 14:31:49
Room Estherno motion 12-2-2017 0:48:31
Room Remcono motion 12-2-2017 14:17:17
Entranceno motion 12-2-2017 14:30:50
Sculleryno motion 12-2-2017 14:34:50
Officeno motion 12-2-2017 14:22:35
Laundryunknown 12-2-2017 14:19:23
Livingno motion 27-4-2015 23:02:22
Kitchenno motion 28-8-2016 11:42:37
Living, Frontmotion 4-4-2016 3:20:46

Door images

A 3 megapixel professional security camera saves an image every time someone rings at our doorbell or opens the mailbox. In case of the doorbell, this image is also sent to my HTC mobile phone by email. In the livingroom, on our Touch screen, a popup will appear with a live stream of the security camera.
Last image taken at: 29-9-2016 21:47:20

Door image history: previous 9 images

Door image taken at 29-9-2016 9:32:14
Door image taken at 28-9-2016 18:25:39
Door image taken at 28-9-2016 17:29:41
Door image taken at 28-9-2016 14:41:09
Door image taken at 27-9-2016 20:16:05
Door image taken at 27-9-2016 12:46:56
Door image taken at 27-9-2016 12:46:30
Door image taken at 22-9-2016 14:43:17
Door image taken at 22-9-2016 9:01:11


Here an overview is listed of all the sensors that are used and that are capable of reporting their battery status. This is very useful to see if there are sensors that need a new battery.
Kitchen, Lux Radio 2930 30-5-2016 4:13:52
Kitchen, Motion Radio 2944 28-8-2016 11:41:15
Living, Motion Radio 3113 27-4-2015 23:22:15
Living, ThermostatOk 9-4-2015 20:53:52
Room Remco, ThermostatOk 24-5-2014 22:27:39
Living, ThermostatOk 26-12-2016 14:56:35
Room Parents, ThermostatOk 26-12-2013 14:16:46
Room Esther, ThermostatOk 24-5-2014 22:25:39
Bathroom, ThermostatOk 7-10-2011 21:41:05
Office, ThermostatOk 26-12-2013 14:16:46
Office, ThermostatOk 4-7-2016 9:16:00
Entrance, Controller 1Ok 24-5-2016 21:21:16
Greenhouse, TemperatureOk 13-8-2016 18:47:21
Outside, TemperatureOk 29-8-2013 20:31:52
Under the stairs, TemperatureOk 11-1-2015 13:56:50
Room Parents, TemperatureEmpty 26-1-2017 16:39:35
Office, TemperatureEmpty 8-2-2017 23:53:18
Entrance, TemperatureOk 26-12-2016 14:28:39
Garage, TemperatureOk 26-12-2016 14:45:50
Room Remco, TemperatureEmpty 6-1-2017 12:39:49
Room Esther, TemperatureOk 9-4-2015 20:58:17
Bathroom, TemperatureOk 4-2-2017 10:53:27
Passage, Smoke DetectorOk 7-10-2015 13:07:50
Entrance, Smoke DetectorOk 27-4-2015 10:49:07
Kitchen, Smoke DetectorOk 3-1-2016 14:42:41
Office, Smoke DetectorOk 14-3-2015 10:12:31
Kitchen, Pressure Radio 2869 3-5-2016 1:52:54
Kitchen, DoorOk 9-4-2015 20:19:46
Office, TestLow 20-11-2015 17:22:06
Office, Test auxOk 5-7-2013 23:38:00
Garage, Outside DoorOk 7-10-2015 12:53:24
Entrance, MotionOk 26-12-2016 14:32:44
Office, MotionOk 16-9-2014 20:23:29
Garage, MotionOk 26-12-2016 14:30:40
Room Remco, MotionLow 19-1-2017 14:48:56
Stairs, MotionOk 26-12-2013 16:09:27
Room Esther, MotionOk 3-9-2014 20:40:53
Passage, MotionOk 26-12-2013 15:44:16
Bathroom, MotionOk 26-12-2013 15:54:45
Laundry, MotionLow 4-12-2016 17:52:49
Unknown, MotionOk 24-5-2014 22:05:19
Unknown, MotionOk 11-1-2015 13:21:20
Unknown, MotionOk 26-12-2013 13:18:23
Unknown, MotionOk 24-12-2014 20:25:56
Living, Back, MotionOk 29-8-2013 20:43:01
Scullery, Back doorOk 7-10-2015 13:01:46
Office, Desk, Test-2Low 22-11-2016 23:03:13
Office, DoorOk 2-10-2015 21:17:35
Garden House, DoorOk 5-7-2013 23:38:00
Living, Front, Motion Radio 2906 4-4-2016 3:20:47
Entrance, Front doorOk 2-4-2014 19:36:12
Garage, Inside doorOk 7-10-2015 13:03:42
Garage, Outside DoorOk 7-10-2015 12:53:20
Living, SchuifpuiOk 26-12-2016 14:40:26
Room Remco, WindowOk 9-9-2015 12:25:44
Room Esther, WindowOk 26-12-2016 14:28:28
Bathroom, WindowOk 8-3-2015 14:55:42
Room Parents, WindowOk 26-12-2016 14:29:19

Roller shutters

A total of 12 Roller shutters suited with Somfy RTS motors are controlled by my system. Part of those shutters are being controlled automatically based on light sensors, inside temperatures to improve the usability of these roller shutters.
Bathroom, Roller ShutterUp 12-2-2017 8:03:06
Room Esther, Roller ShutterDown 8-1-2017 16:55:11
Living, Roller Shutter garageUp 12-2-2017 8:03:02
Kitchen, Roller ShutterUp 12-2-2017 8:03:04
Office, Roller Shutter largeUp 12-2-2017 14:26:04
Office, Roller Shutter smallUp 12-2-2017 13:38:43
Office, Roller Shutter sideUp 12-2-2017 8:03:04
Room Parents, Roller ShutterUp 11-2-2017 1:51:43
Room Remco, Roller ShutterUp 12-2-2017 11:19:41
Living, Roller Shutter backUp 12-2-2017 8:03:03
Living, Roller Shutter frontUp 12-2-2017 8:03:02
Living, Roller ShutterUp 12-2-2017 8:03:03

Current Power usage

How  Charts

A very nice feature of our smart meter is that it also sends detailed information about the current power usage to my system - every 10 seconds.

Pressure Sensor (ZigBee)


Since February 2010 a wireless pressure sensor is used to measure the pressure. This sensor is a DIY project where i combined an Arduino-like JeeNode  and XBee modules  to create my first self made, battery powered sensor.

User Interfaces


Just like the rest of the software of my Domotica system, i also created my own User Interfaces: a Touchscreen, a Philips Pronto TSU9600 and a Apple iPod Touch can all be used to control our house. And with this website of course :-)
Touchscreen Pronto TSU9600
iPod Touch Website


Cold water usage

How  Charts

An Alaxa water meter and a RFXPulse sensor is used to monitor cold water usage.

Hot water usage

How  Charts

An Alaxa water meter, 1-Wire counter and a HA7Net are used to monitor hot water usage.


Doors and Windows

Visonic MCT-302 and KAKU door sensors are used to provide information about opening and closing of doors and windows.
Door/Window Sensor
Garage, Fridge dooropen 20-4-2013 8:01:29
Scullery, Back doorclosed 12-2-2017 14:23:58
Office, Dooropen 12-2-2017 10:27:16
Entrance, Doorclosed 11-2-2017 21:14:24
Living, Doorclosed 11-2-2017 19:46:07
Kitchen, Dooropen 12-2-2017 13:30:55
Garden House, Doorclosed 7-12-2016 13:10:59
Garage, Inside doorclosed 12-2-2017 14:24:18
Garage, Outside doorclosed 11-2-2017 13:58:32
Office, Testclosed 17-1-2017 18:28:57
Room Remco, Windowclosed 11-2-2017 22:29:19
Bathroom, Windowclosed 12-2-2017 11:41:52
Room Esther, Windowopen 5-2-2017 22:02:07
Room Parents, Windowclosed 12-2-2017 12:11:42

Power usage Devices

Plugwise Circles are used to monitor Device-specific power usage.
Plugwise uploader
Meter cabinet, Smart meter 0.680 W Today 4:33:29
Office, Server LAN DSL 2.144 W 25-8-2016 3:16:00
Garage, Fridge 54.269 W 24-8-2016 16:55:12
Garage, Freezer 51.357 W 24-8-2016 18:17:38
Kitchen, Microwave Oven 1.328 W 25-8-2016 3:15:49
Scullery, Floor pump 0.000 W 25-8-2016 3:12:19
Scullery, Broken 0.000 W 14-4-2012 12:52:17
Office, Camera, LEDBar 0.000 W 25-8-2016 3:15:15
Laundry, Washmachine 0.000 W 24-8-2016 13:46:47
Garage, Door Opener 0.263 W 23-8-2016 10:04:39
Laundry, Washdryer 0.000 W 24-8-2016 8:25:05
Kitchen, Dishwasher 0.000 W 24-8-2016 23:27:12
Kitchen, Fridge 0.179 W 24-8-2016 8:22:55